Critical Path Solutions LLC (CPS) is a Fayetteville based General Contractor organized to assist businesses with consulting and management services as well as construction needs. Fayetteville natives, Delbert Soucier Jr and Robert DeGaetano Jr., with 30 plus years of construction estimating and management experience are backed by countless projects completed on time and on budget. With a strong background in industrial, commercial and residential building sectors, their team is committed to providing projects of the highest quality while meeting the client's budget and schedule needs. Our Mission is to guide our clients ideas from sketches to bricks and mortar while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships.

Robert DeGaetano
Director of Construction

Contracting, Project Management and Supervision:

With multiple years of experience in construction field supervision, estimating and project management Robert heads up the construction division of Critical Path Solutions. This division of the company consists of construction labor, installations, project coordinators, superintendents and project managers. It is the job of the individuals within this division to bring the client’s vision to life. While He does plan to retire to the duck blind and golf course life at some point, for now, Robert is committed to building long lasting relations with CPS clients through delivering high quality projects while meeting our client’s budget and schedule expectations. 

Delbert Soucier Jr
Director of Consulting

Consulting, Estimating and Pre-construction services:

With 28 years experience in construction, Delbert heads up the project consulting and Pre-construction services. In an intense pre-bid period, typically measured in weeks, there is a construction bidding process where Delbert prepares the estimate and forms the bid based on the construction documents. Pre-construction services grew out of construction cost estimating to encompass the other activities in planning a project. In addition to estimating, he participates in design decisions, evaluation studies, value analysis, constructability reviews, and more. Although he would prefer to spend his time building hot rods and motorcycles, his creativity can be seen in his ability to think outside the box during the pre-bid phase, and it continues right into the finished product.

Jaime Thompson
Finance Manager
Julianne Harrelson Assoc.AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Design Coordinator

Finance and Accounts payable/receivable:


Jaime Thompson, a graduate from UNCP, has 18 years of experience counting beans in the construction industry. Construction accounting is a vitally necessary form of accounting, especially when multiple contracts come into play. She uses many terms not used in other forms of accounting, such as "draw", progress billing and cool acronyms like "WIP". Where there are buildings to be built there are numbers to be crunched.  Like every aspect of her life, She is all in.  God, family, country, crossfit #fearthefox #keeppounding

Architectural and design services:


Julianne Harrelson sets the highest standard for client service and satisfaction. Having been in the design field for 28 years, she believes in the importance of Discovery, listening to the client and understanding their vision for a project. By integrating the knowledge and experience of the design team along with client needs, she brings the client’s visions to life, giving each space a new personality that complements the end user within and the environment without. When not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her animals on the farm and breathing life back into old architectural items and rusty antiques.

Mike Trowbridge
Project Developer
Michael McCreedy
Project Manager

Project Developer:

Mike has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, but started his career as an Executive recruiter for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US. During that time he learned that communication, attention to detail and follow through were some of the key components to bring into the construction industry. Besides marketing, Mike assists CPS in developing, maintaining and supporting clients to assure a smooth transition from start to finish. He handles tasks that focus on moving projects along towards a successful completion and satisfactory outcome. Persistent in being available for his clients, there are times his absence is directly related to his persistence in chasing fish. If you can not reach him on the phone, check the ocean or local lakes.

Project Manager/Field Manager:


As project Manager, Michael McCreedy leads the construction division of Critical Path Solutions with over 30 years of experience. He has an aggressive and passionate approach to providing quality construction driven by a deep rooted love for what he does. His responsibilities include coordination and completion of projects on time and with in budget. He oversees all aspects of the project during construction and understands the value of teamwork to accomplish a high quality end product. When not overseeing CPS construction projects, he can either be found working around the farm, in his shop tinkering on old cars or visiting local antique and farm equipment shows.

Vincent Price
Project Developer

Project Developer:


This position is currently filled. We are awaiting the perfect time to present this company asset to our clients!

Scott Bloodworth
Field Superintendent



Scott Bloodworth is a Macon GA. native who was transplanted into Fayetteville NC during his time serving in the Army. After 2011, he followed his passion in carpentry and millwork. With a strong background in construction, Scott's experience excels him in overseeing the day to day operations of a construction site, from planning to completion. With his boots on the ground, he is the man responsible for daily scheduling, supervising all daily activities and ensuring a high level of safety and compliance of the site. 

Matthew McMahon
Project Manager

Project Manager:


Matthew McMahon is a Chicago native and Army Veteran who has called Fayetteville home for over 15 years along with his wife and two sons. During his time in the Army, he learned the importance of effective communication, time management and leadership skills, skills that have proven invaluable to him in the construction industry. Matthew believes that good working relationships between all project stakeholders are crucial to the success of the project and thus strives to maintain excellent relationships with anyone who sets foot on his job sites. In his spare time, he enjoys camping with his family and putting the finishing touches on the treehouse he built with his sons.

William Herring



William Herring is a North Carolina native who may have personally built half of the Sandhills. His experience in the construction industry has been garnered from actual hands on experience in every aspect of the phases in construction.  With projects as large as Multi-million dollar pharmaceutical manufacturing plants to car dealerships and a variety of worship centers, his ability to solve on site opportunities is endless. Although Will is not a man of many words, his ability to communicate the needs of the client is perfect. 

Dakota Felber
Project Engineer

Project Engineer:


Dakota Felber is a tenacious project engineer who is involved in all stages of a project's construction as a liaison between clients and subcontractors. He is also responsible for ensuring the quality and timely completion of all projects in his purview. His passion and single mindedness serve him in his projects at home and serve his clients at work. With his friendly demeanor and competent character, he guarantees that client's needs are met and that all involved in a project work towards that singular goal. 

Coming Soon



This position is currently open and we are awaiting the opportunity for the perfect employee, wanting to join our team, to walk through the door. If you are interested in being part of the a great company, please submit your resume to info@criticalpath.solutions

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